what is 403 erroe
what is 403 erroe

Over the past decade, we have observed a massive advancement in technology. But this advancement is one of the many constants in our lives. It’s the inevitable change that is going to be an essential part of our lives, till the end of time.

At the same time, it is important to know why these changes and advancements occur so frequently. The answer only to that the main purpose of these changes and advancements is to fix certain issues and other errors both the professional and users may have observed. They also provide effective measures that can be adopted by both users as well as the owners of the website, be it a company, an individual, or even a group of individuals. Some other errors in accordance to 403 are the error 404 not found

Similarly, the internet is also nowhere far behind.  Both as users as well as makers of websites on the internet, we come to face a lot of issues, the technical term for which is-‘web error’. Now each error has a cause which is associated with a code, which is commonly known as ‘HTTP Status Code’ one such common web error is ‘error 403’

The main objective of this article is to make the reader understand the following queries pertaining to the same

  1. What is Error 403

  2. How is it caused?

  3. How can error 403 be fixed?

  4. Conclusion


Error 403 also known as 403 forbidden error is an HTTP status code which signifies that the website the user is trying to access is forbidden. This means it is either no longer available or has been blocked for reasons such as inappropriate content, etc.

In case the error appears on the user’s browser instead of the desired website to be accessed, it means that they are not authorized to access the specific URL. When the error occurs, it appears in multiple names such as-

  • 403 Forbidden

  • HTTP 403

  • Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access [directory] on this server

  • Forbidden

  • Error 403

  • HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden

  • Error 403 – Forbidden

  • HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden



Error 403 also known as 403 forbidden error is not a very common error that users would come across in our everyday lives. But that does not mean that it never occurs. It can be caused due to reasons such as-

  • The user may be trying to access a website he/she does not have access to.

  • The URL may have been incorrectly typed


It is a well-known fact that every problem has a solution. Similarly, error 403 also has a solution. It can be easily fixed by the following ways-

  1. Verify URL for any errors- Sometimes the error may occur due to reasons such as incorrectly typed or copied web address. There a possibility that the user may have made a spelling mistake or have misread while trying to copy the URL, consequently leading to an error.

  2. Clear all pertaining data from the browser-Another way to effectively fix the error is by clearing all related history of the particular site or any older versions of it from the browser.

  3. Get authorization- The user can also effectively fix the error by registering themselves to the particular website in order to gain authorization and consequently gain access to the website. For example, a user could fix an error arising while trying to login to Pinterest, by first creating an account and then logging in.

  4. Clear related browser cookies- In case a user attempts to log in multiple times, it is effective to first clear all pertaining cookies from the browser and then login again, to fix the error.

  5. Contact the website directly-After having tried all or any of the above-mentioned tricks, in case the error still remains, it could be mostly because there is an issue on the website’s behalf instead of the user. In that case, the best way out is to report the issue to the concerned authorities, in order to raise a complaint about the issue.

  6. Contact internet service provider- Even after having reported the problem and the authorities having rectified the issue, if error 403 or 403 forbidden error still arises, then the user should contact the internet service provider. This is because it is highly likely that the user’s public IP address, which is basically a label used to identify a particular system on a computer network or the entire Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been blacklisted. This means that the user’s access to that particular website may have been blocked.

  7. Try again later-In a lot of cases the most common cause of the error is excess traffic on the server that the user is attempting to access. Then, the best solution is to just give it some time and then try again later.

  8. Use browser without additional settings or add-ons-Users could also try and fix the error by deactivating all the additional settings of their web browser such as ad-blockers, etc., and then trying to access the website. If the user is able to succeed on doing so, it means that there is an issue with the additional settings or the add-ones, which is consequently causing an error 403.

  9. Adjust firewall settings-If clearing all data pertaining to the desired website, the user is trying to access doesn’t help, it is highly likely that error 403 is being caused due to an issue between the web server and the firewall. In that case, making necessary adjustments to the firewall, keeping in mind the very fact the internet service provider must be trustworthy.


As mentioned above, ‘change is the only constant in life’. This means that it is what keeps us going both professionally and personally. But a lot of times these we get so busy trying to adapt to these changes that we forget to cherish other more important aspects of our lives. For example, if a person comes across an error 403 or 403 forbidden error while doing something that could wait and the person is wasting precious time that they could spend with people or doing activities that really matter.