A pod vape is a small-sized vape contains two parts. A cartridge that is filled with the vape liquid and small battery that supplies power. These pods are available in two designs, a refillable design or a prefilled pod design.

They both have different characteristics along with some pros & cons. Sometimes a pod is manual means you have to press the power button to turn it ON, generally, pods are automatic, you just need to inhale, and it will produce the vapors.


There are three types of pod-systems that we are going to discuss, a pod can be of any type out of these:

Standard pod system: In this type, pods are replaceable and there is a button in it to activate the vape.
AIO Pod: It can be described as the all in one pod system, coils are replaceable in this type of pod system.
Pod mod: In this type, the pod attached to the vape is quite larger as compared to others, and almost every Pod mod is also AIOs, which means coils are replaceable.


Pre filled pods UAE and the refillable pods are the two categories of Standard Pod Systems.  While buying a pod it’s totally up to personal preferences to select the best among them.


They are known as closed-system pods as they can’t be refilled. You must buy the filled pod again if it got emptied, you can’t fill it back by yourself as in case of refillable pods.

They are portable, no need to carry vape liquid with you to fill it again
They produce high Quantity of smoke
Flavor in Pre-filled pods are quite better
No headache of finding the suitable vape liquid to fill in it
No flavors mix-up, because flavors mix-ups in case of refillable pods
They are lightweight and disposable, just throw them when you are done
We cannot say that Prefilled pods are better than refillable pods. Because refillable pods are also better than prefilled pods in some aspects. But the decision is completely based on self-interests. Everyone chooses the type according to the requirements.