Palm trees, one of the trees used by the people of North Carolina and South Carolina are considered as the state tree of Florida. It possesses many advantages and offers various products. Some of the advantages as well as products that palm tree offers include the following.

Making of palm sugar

Yeah…everyone might be familiar with this type of sugar …Right? It is one of the processed products that palm trees offer. Palm sugar is used in the preparation of different types of cuisine or any other drinks.

Making of palm wine

Apart from the use of the preparation of sugar in other cuisines, it is used in the preparation of wine. The sap of the palm is usually used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages i.e. wine which is quite good for health.

Used as the roof of the house

Another advantage of palm trees is that these are used by the villagers in building of the houses. In this case, the leaves are useful in building the roof. And the roof made up of the palm leaves protect them from heat and rain.

Making of broom

The advantage of palm tree is that the leaves are best use in the preparation of brooms which are widely used by the people to sweep and clean the floor. The quality of these brooms is of the same quality as the broom made from the husk of Coccus nucifera i.e. coconut.

Used as a wrapper

These leaves are mostly used in the sale and purchase in the traditional markets, and the leaves are used as wrappers for grocery items. Usually it replaces the role of other leaves used as wrappers for packing of various items.

Making of broom stick

Just like the leaves of Coccus nucifera i.e. coconut, the leaves are used to make broom stick. These broom stick are best used in the cleaning and sweeping of the yard of the houses.

Making of fibre ropes

Apart from the preparation of fibre broom from the leaves of these trees, the palm tree leaves are also utilized in preparation of rope fibres. These ropes can bind strongly with bamboo as well as the construction of houses.

Made into sticks

The trunks of the palm trees are quite good and are used for preparation of sticks which are used for walking for the old people.

Hence, above given are few products that one can get from a palm tree. There are many companies that deal with palm trees and Palm Tree Depot is one of them. It deals with palm trees. It accepts a minimum order of 20 trees at $65 each.