Bio pharmaceutical Companies Beneficial for Combating Epidemic Diseases

coronavirus vaccine
coronavirus vaccine

Several non-profit and charitable organizations across the globe work towards different social causes. Some of them work towards reducing povertcoronavirus vaccine, providing meals to the homeless and the needy, or providing education to children. Some of these non-profits also work towards creating awareness and spread knowledge regarding certain diseases that have been declared as an epidemic by the World Health Organization. One of these diseases that has made life miserable for some families is HIV/AIDS which has affected their survival. The presence of social stigma HIV/AIDS in our society is due to the lack of correct scientific knowledge and awareness. This is where certain non-profit foundations are trying hard to provide the right treatment and knowledge to such families in such areas.

But the major hurdle for these organizations in working towards their goal is the lack of appropriate funding opportunities. Though these organizations organize fundraisers to gather money to provide the right facilities to these families, most of these events are very regional and hence limit their reach to the right donors. What do these organizations need in such times? They need appropriate channels to individually apply for funding to companies and government funding organizations. And this can be made possible with the help of large-scale bio pharmaceutical companies who have the right resources and huge financial income to support such organizations. Since these companies are already involved in the research and development of medicines targeted for such diseases, they can provide the right knowledge and financial assistance to these non-profit and charitable organizations. Currently, this lack of such initiatives is fulfilled by one of the most promising global initiative called Gilead COMPASS Initiative.

Gilead COMPASS Initiative started by Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a global initiative determined to provide the correct knowledge, treatments, and medicine to several African Americans HIV affected families in the Southern United States of America. Gilead COMPASS Initiative is a 10-year, $100 million commitment by Gilead Sciences, Inc. aimed at providing direct donations to several non-profit and charitable organizations that are working hard to spread awareness regarding the diseases. With the help of its three COMPASS coordinating centers, Gilead COMPASS Initiative is going beyond medicines and treatments to reduce the trauma for the disease-stricken families. So, if you are a non-profit working towards the same cause, get in touch with Gilead COMPASS Initiative